Give Yourself A Day Of Your Life | Conservation Of Biodiversity – Biodiverse Development
Give yourself a day of your life - Biodiverse Development
Give yourself a day of your life - Biodiverse Development
Give yourself a day of your life - Biodiverse Development
Give yourself a day of your life - Biodiverse Development

Give Yourself A Day Of Your Life

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Besides the exterior (socio-economic) development that the Biodiverse Development Foundation aims to stimulate there is also attention for interior development of volunteers, visitors and of course local inhabitants of the region.

Our local partner Maricela (native of region) has a lot of knowledge about the community and the nature with which they live with. Therefore she is founder/participant of many local initiatives and in many ways a leader in the community (Cacique). Besides she has studied astrology and has put it in practise in many ways!

We are proud to be able to offer you spiritual retreats, therapies, study of birth charts, chakra allignment and much more. These spiritual retreats will bring you closer to nature and to yourself.


Give yourself a day of your life


It includes:

-Snack - lunch

-Materials to perform the therapy

-Therapy consists of harmonization of the four bodies

-Auric cleaning

Note: exclusive personal package, maximum 3 people.

Cost €55,- Euro per person

Recommendations: a lot of disposition, comfortable clothes, repellent, towel, flip flops, swimsuit. 


Maricela Joaqui Solarte, was born in Cali, Colombia in July 1974.

She has lived for almost his entire life in a beautiful place very close to the Farrallones National Natural Park of Cali, which is his home and lives with her daughters and has a specific space "the natural clinic for the soul."

Her profession is a promoter of rural and nature tourism, she also becomes parents of community processes, is a founding member of the mountain market with the magical and healing ancestral route focused on interior development therapies, as well as an alliance with the "Biodiverse Development Foundation” whose director/founder is a Dutchman; environmental engineer, named Robert van de Griend, whom she considers as partner and spiritual companion.

At the age of 18 she discovered that her vocation was focused on issues of interior development and since then throughout her life he has been training in topics such as metaphysics, astrology, gem therapy, feng shui and motivational coaching, decoding techniques and reconnection with the inner being to raise awareness and achieve extraordinary and positive changes for life.

She considers that it is good to carry out this type of retreats and therapies at special moments for life, changes in cycles, birthdays, emotional situations and important decisions, work stress, among others.