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Live close to nature a sustainable farming experience and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the stimulation of socio-economic development by the exchange of knowledge, experience, culture and language. Our volunteer programs are situated within the nature of Colombia at the surrounding mountains of Cali. (Parque Nacional Natural Farallones de Cali)
Currently the Biodiverse Development Foundation developed the main infrastructure for a self-sustainable farm based on the principles of permaculture, which will provide in energy, food, education, medicine etc. 
This farm forms the base of the foundation as a visitors' centre for volunteers and other visitors. Besides this there is the possibility to carry out other activities that are related to the objectives of the foundation such as teaching English, carry out reforestation projects etc. Further does the foundation participate in connecting, developing and integrating existing iniatives such as the Mercado de la Montaña.
  • Unique location; precious nature/landscape/biodiversity (>500 bird species)
  • Gain practical and theoretical experience in Permaculture
  • Basic level of Spanish is not a must but recommended
  • 30min. away from Cali, Colombia
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  • Volunteer Program (1 month) All included
    Volunteer Program (1 month) All included - Biodiverse Development
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