Volunteer Program (1 month) All Included | San Cipriano Cali – Biodiverse Development
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Volunteer Program (1 month) All Included

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Program includes 3 meals a day, internet, accommodation (price based on private cabin. 

  • Unique location; precious nature/landscape/biodiversity (>500 bird species)
  • Gain practical and theoretical experience in Permaculture
  • Basic level of Spanish is not a must but recommended
  • 30min. away from Cali, Colombia
What is the strategy of the BD foundation?
Main point of focus is to establish a way of living with the local youth, which provides them prosperity and a healthy life by using the local resources in a sustainable and creative way. Further does the Biodiverse Development Foundation participate in connecting, developing and integrating of existing iniatives within the 'Mercado de la Montaña' for example.
What can I do to contribute?
You can contribute to the achievement of our objectives by: carrying out projects designed in cooperation with the local community and the foundation, participate in the daily live of living with nature and learn about the principles of permaculture. 
Which skills are required?
No special skills or competences are needed, everybody has their talent and can contribute. We are looking for enthusiastic, well willing people with a great passion/interest for our objectives and related activities.
Where to eat and sleep?
During your stay there will be provided three meals a day which consists as much a possible of local organic produced ingredients. In case there are any preferences for diet, if you like to eat vegetarian or you have any alergies for example, please let us know. Your accommodation will be facilitated by the Biodiverse Development Foundation. 
Where is it situated?
The 'corregimiento Villa Carmelo' is situated between 1000m and 2000m above sea level. It is connected with the Parque Natural Nacional de Farralones. The nature is spectacular with lush tropical forests, rivers, 30+ waterfalls and lovely people living within and around them. The public transport is still limited and exists of jeeps that pass by now and then, but we can facillitate in transport such as horses, bicycles, taxi etc.