Conserve biodiversity and store CO², we plant trees!

43461802_1573989573798658_r.jpeg*Reserva BDF Muzkadino
At an altitude of 2000m above sea level the Muzkadino BDF Reserve (37,000m²) lies on the border of National Park de los Farallones de Cali, Colombia. In addition to the fact that the reserve accommodates a enormous biodiversity, contributes to the (drinking) water supply of the region and also stores between 275-370 tons of CO² per year! 

The goal is to raise the total amount of money before the 15th of January 2020, this is in order to start growing the trees before the dry season starts. All trees will be grown biologically without chemicals and/or synthetic fertilizars. We select only endemic species, together with a wide range of variety we ensure a natural diversity of the forest. 

Your donation is necessary for:

-Material for nursery
(seeds, soil, pots, irrigation, tools etc.)

(rent of vehicle for transportation of materials and young trees)

-Financial compensation of local workers 
(growing seedlings, plant young trees, maintenance/nurturing of trees)

#1  Your donation is directly used in growing, transporting and planting the tree with it's necessary start compost from our visitors' centre (compost produced by our dry-toilet). 


#2  Besides we carry out monitoring and the maintenance of the new planted trees in our program, already conserved mature trees in our reserve and other mature trees that are located in the region.


#3  You will receive pictures of your planted tree and will receive an annual update about growth. Besides you will receive yearly photos of the progress of our reforestation program and exeptional flora and fauna that is spotted in our reserve. 

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