Objectives & Activities

The Biodiverse Development Foundation aims to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the stimulation of local socio-economic development, primarily within the Valle de Cauca region of Colombia. In an area that has been deforested, and nearby to a nature reserve or such, the foundation wants to purchase a piece of land (estate) to reforest and establish a visitors’ center. The landscaping will form a combination of agriculture and reforestation.
This approach means that both people and nature benefit. It is important to ensure that the foundation integrates well with its objectives in the intended region, for which a phased implementation of the two main activities is necessary.
The 2 main activities are (see fig. 1):
Fig. 1 Relation of activities with objective
The first main activity is the creation & design of a platform for volunteers/visitors in which collaborations are entered into with existing local initiatives/organizations with the same objectives and thus volunteer projects can be facilitated by the Biodiverse Development Foundation. The target group of volunteers will be foreign interested parties but also local residents, organizations & initiatives.
The main purpose of these volunteer projects is to stimulate the local socio-economic development of residents in the targeted area Valle de Cauca by developing projects/courses, in the fields of education, agriculture, environment & nature, waste processing etc., with and by volunteers and residents. In addition, by facilitating the volunteer projects, the foundation will build up (social) capital, which can be used to improve volunteer projects, establish the visitor center and other activities.
The second main activity is the establishment of a sustainable, self-sufficient, visitors / stay center which facilitates the volunteers (projects) and provides a platform for a connection of volunteers to the local community. The voluntary activities consist of: research, various activities for local community, stimulating local employment, maintaining / expanding the estate (reforestation) and exchange of (social) capital. In which the preservation of biodiversity and stimulation of socio-economic development is central and is achieved by integrating the cyclic processes of permaculture into its facilities and infrastructure.
This means, for example, that the center is as self-sufficient as possible (energy, (drinking) water, food, accommodation, etc.), whereby the separate activities / components are cyclically connected.
In addition, the activities of the foundation, in addition to the household tasks such as: preparing minutes, annual reports, etc., consist of collecting donations, increasing support in the working region (Valle de Cauca, Cali) and strengthening “brand” awareness (website, promotion & social media).