Reserva BDF Muzkadino

The Biodiverse Development (BDF) foundation proudly presents its new accommodation that is under construction on a recently purchased, abandoned estate. The accommodation is located in a 4-hectare reserve that is made available to BDF by Tuinreconstructie and Sunny Future (SF). This accommodation, just like the other accommodations, will be fully supplied with electricity from solar panels supplied by SF. In addition to the fact that the reserve accommodates an enormous biodiversity and contributes to the (drinking) water supply in the region, the forest also records tons of CO². This compensates for an important part of the CO² emissions from Tuinreconstructie (landscapingcompany in the Netherlands) & Sunny Future.
The new accommodation called: Casa Muzkadino, is situated in the Muzkadino BDF Reserve (40,000m²). This reserve is managed by the Biodiverse Development foundation and consists of more than 99% forest. At an altitude of 2000m it lies on the border of National Park de los Farallones de Cali.
The cabaña will again be made of wood and will consist of 2 spacious bedrooms and a kitchen / living room. (total 60m²). This extra accommodation offers the possibility to expand the number of guests of BDF (visitors / volunteers), who contribute to achieving the objective.
Contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the stimulation of local socio-economic development.
Casa Muzkadino will offer accommodation to visitors & volunteers. Guests will make their direct and / or indirect contribution to achieving the objective. Since Casa Muzkadino is a 5-minute walk from la Cascada la Reina, it provides a good base for hiking trips through the National Park and / or a refreshing shower under the waterfall. Volunteers work actively on the preservation, management and maintenance of the reserve. In addition, BDF has ambitions to expand the reserve by reforesting bare-cut mountain slopes of the neighbor (cattle farmer).
For more information or contributions send an email to: or send a whatsapp message to +57 3167349330
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Biodiverse Development Foundation
Desarrollo Biodiverso
Tuinreconstructie (landscaping company)
Sunny Future (solar panels)
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