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We proudly present our collaboration with the Biodiverse Development Foundation (BD). Since the establishment of the foundation, Tuinreconstructie van de Griend has been involved as a supporting factor. * Whether in the form of advice and the provision of know-how (capital) and / or financial capital. Tuinreconstructie van de Griend was founded by the brothers Robert & Bjorn van de Griend. Robert (Bachelor of Environmental Sciences) and Bjorn (Bachelor of Tropical Forestry) have ensured that Tuinreconstructie is the dynamic and modern company that it is today. After the gardener's business became more mature, Robert founded BD in the beginning of 2017 to be awarded the ANBI status (ANBI = Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by mid-2017. The Biodiverse Development Foundation aims to:


Maintaining biodiversity and stimulating local socio-economic development in Colombia, Cali in particular.


Colombia is in the top 3 countries with the largest biodiversity in the world. For many decades, the ancient forests in this South American country have been preserved through limited domestic economic development. In addition, tropical forests served as camouflage for guerrillas and paramilitaries, so relatively little has been deforested in Colombia so far. But after the peace agreement with the main guerrilla movement of the country (FARC) and the increasing economic development of the country, deforestation is on the increase. The rich biodiversity of the country is threatened by this. In addition, the social inequality in the country will increase further, partly because the natural resources (eg drinking water) in certain areas will be depleted by deforestation, mining and agriculture.


Tuinreconstructie van de Griend aims to also take its social responsibility through its contributions to the BDF foundation, especially since the construction of gardens requires a lot of material (wood, ornamental paving, soil, etc.) and energy (mechanical and human effort). In addition to dealing with materials and energy in an environmentally conscious way, in the construction of your garden, Tuinreconstructie also likes to contribute directly to the preservation of biodiversity and the stimulation of socio-economic development in Colombia. A synergy has been created between Tuinreconstructie and the BDF foundation, one reinforces the other and vice versa.


The Biodiverse Development Foundation receives a portion of Garden Reconstruction every year (> 10%). This allows the foundation to develop and expand its activities that directly contribute to its objective. In addition, the customers of Tuinreconstructie offer the opportunity to increase the support base / support base of the foundation. Conversely, Tuinreconstructie, in addition to being as socially responsible as possible, donations and / or period gifts are fully deductible for the company. This tax advantage applies to both individuals and companies that want to support the foundation financially. The BDF Foundation has been granted the status of the Dutch Tax Authorities, after approval of the policy plan, the ANBI (Institution that serves public benefit) status. This status guarantees that the foundation does not receive the founders / those directly involved and that the activities of the foundation contribute directly to the public interest. In this case: the conservation of biodiversity and stimulation of local socio-economic development, especially in Colombia, Cali.


Biodiverse Development Foundation

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