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The Biodiverse Development (BDF) foundation proudly presents it's new accommodation that is recently finished to be (re)constructed on a recently purchased, abandoned estate. The accommodation is located in a 4-hectare reserve that is made available to BDF by Tuinreconstructie and Sunny Future (SF). This accommodation, just like the other accommodations, will be fully supplied with electricity from solar panels supplied by SF.

In addition to the fact that the reserve accommodates an enormous biodiversity and contributes to the (drinking) water supply in the region, the forest also records tons of CO2. This compensates for an important part of the CO2 emissions from Tuinreconstructie (landscapingcompany in the Netherlands) & Sunny Future (solar panel company).

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  • Triple room cabin with roof terrace
    Triple room cabin with roof terrace - Biodiverse Development
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