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The Mercado de la Montaña is an local initiative (since 2017) which initially existed of about 20 families, meanwhile this number has more than doubled since then (40+ families currently 2020). The Mercado de la Montaña organises twice a month a local market where they sell (ánd exchange among each other) their local and organically produced products. Meanwhile Desarrollo Biodiverso participates, especially with the partnership with Maricela and later Martha (also one of initiators), actively within the Mercado de la Montaña. In order to stimulate the initiative and to create a larger market for it (still very limited amount of visitors) Desarrollo Biodiverso has decided to offer some of their products online on this website. At the moment we have chosen 4 main producers for the Mercado de la Montaña, the products that they offer are: water cherry products, blackberry wine, various grain products, honey and much more! 

Your purchase of one of these products stimulates economically directly to local community members and to the objectives of Desarrollo Biodiverso.

"Conserve biodiversity and stimulate local socio-economic development."