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Transport To Desarrollo Biodiverso From Cali

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Public transport

The cheapest way is to arrive by jeep from la Panaderia de la Sorpresa, Bellisario, Cali. Directly to our reserve, there is a jeep twice a day (around 07.00 a.m. and 04.00 p.m.). In addition, there is a jeep that goes every 90 minutes, but only reaches for an additional 20 thousand per vehicle to our place; Los dos Quebradas. the last one at 07.30pm (if enough passengers)

Private transport
Instead you can also use our pick-up service that takes you directly from your address in Cali (center) to our place (cost: 110.000 peso, 2-3 persons depending on luggage)

*vehicle on image is just for illustration, actual vehicle can be different